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Useful Information

A region of Northern Italy, mostly composed of plains (48%) and hills (27%), and in a small part by mountains (25%). The region is touched by the Mar Adriatico to the east. The official name was modified in 1947 with the addition of the term Romagna.

Land of great cultural traditions, with a territory rich and diversified, the Emilia Romagna is also the land of transgressions and night time fun on the Riviera Romagnola.
From Cervia to Cattolica, passing through Rimini, equipped beaches and discos animate the summer. It is also possible to have fun without leaving out the culture: Ravenna, with is Byzantine Churches and part of the Unesco patrimony, is the perfect example. Same goes for Ferrara and Modena, and the Cattedrale di Parma, which since 1106 is an example of Romanic art or the Torri di Bologna, which have been dominating the hills for centuries.
Castles, Dukedoms, aristocratic families: much of this is still visible even practicing the sports; there are many paths which can be followed on horseback or riding a bike, along the history and nature of the Emilia Romagna, passing through roads like the Via Francigena.

The mountain has much to offer as well: the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano, with Sestola and Monte Abetone propose winter sports, while in the Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi it is possible to visit the permanent exhibition of the geological charactersitcs of the zone.
Who stays in the B>Terme di Salsomaggiore during the second Sunday of each month, can visit the antiques market, with the imposing Liberty structure of the Terme Berzieri as background.

Many are the protected local gastronomic products, such as the famous Parmigiano Reggiano and the Aceto Balsamico of Modena, but also the Culatello di Zibello or the Salame Piacentino, the Asparago verde di Altedo, the Mortadella di Bologna or the Cotechino di Modena, all accompanied by the excellent Lambrusco wine, which is either white or red.

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